Departments - Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy:

Our Occupational therapists develop specific problem-solving strategies to help ensure the patient’s independence in day-to-day activities. Depending on the patient’s needs, these may include modifying the patient’s environment, training the patient in the use of assistive devices and equipment such as orthotics (splints) to improve functional performance and helping the patient manage his or her energy. Attention is also given to improving and restoring sensory-motor and neuromuscular functioning as well as visual and cognitive-perceptual components of performance. Special attention is given for speedy recovery of Activities of daily living, Instrumental activities of daily living, Rest and sleep, Education, Work, Play and Leisure through appropriate therapy and activity schedules.

Services are provided covering the following areas:
  • • Higher cortical functions
  • • Tightness/Contracture/Deformity
  • • Range of Motion
  • • Muscle power
  • • Muscle tone
  • • Voluntary Motor control
  • • Functional abilities
  • • Co-ordination
  • • Activities of daily living